Your UIIN Newsletter this May 2018

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In this month's newsletter: Read our new University Industry Innovation Magazine issue focusing on the theme of innovation districts; Take a glance at the best examples of UBC in Sweden, Iceland and France; Learn about UIIN's Professional Development Workshops to be held prior to the 2018 University-Industry Interaction Conference; Read about UIIN’s joint European projects, including Embedding Entrepreneurship Education (EEE) and its International Launch Event to be held on June 20 during the 2018 UIIN Conference.

New Issue of the University Industry Innovation Magazine Is Out!

It is with great pleasure to announce our first University Industry Innovation Magazine issue of 2018, in a brand-new look. In this issue we provide a fresh perspective and detailed insights into Innovation Districts. A topic that has received a lot of interest over the past few years, especially through the work done at Brookings. Read more on examples from around the globe in our online magazine.


Systematizing University-Industry Cooperation: The Case of AIMday in Sweden

Amidst the transition from ivory towers to a more responsive and engaged institutions, universities of the 21st century are opening their doors to external actors, and intra and inter organizational collaborations. The AIMday initiative at Uppsala University tries to systematize this much needed university-industry interaction by organizing a series of well-designed workshops in various disciplinary areas.


How The Open University in Iceland Is Personalizing Continuous Professional Learning

In the increasingly knowledge based world we live in, continuous professional development (CPD) has become an integral part of professional life. The Open University within Reykjavik University (RU) in Iceland recognizes the importance of SDP and provides the individuals and companies with the most tailored learning experiences.


Roscoff Marine Station: Driving Blue-Growth in Brittany Region and Beyond

The EU 2020 strategy for “smart, sustainable, and inclusive” growth has recognized blue growth as one of the key pillars of the European economy. As such, research centers and laboratories dedicated for the exploration of marine life are receiving growing attention both at national and supranational levels. Roscoff Marine Station (SBR) is one of such centers that is growing in prominence in Europe.


Good Practice Tracks at the 2018 University-Industry Interaction Conference

The 2018 University-Industry Interaction Conference will host influential speakers from the US and Europe to explore the topic of developing strategic partnership and networks during one of the five Good Practice tracks. Interested in learning about what other Good Practice tracks have to offer and explore the profiles of our speakers? Check out our full schedule available online.


UIIN Professional Development Workshops Are Brought to You to London

UIIN will bring its Professional Development Workshops to London, to the 2018 University-Industry Interaction Conference on June 19 - 20. Benefit from this unique opportunity and combine your conference experience with the courses on Behavioural Change and Strategic Industry Partnerships with a discounted price. Secure your place now.


2018 UIIN Conference Hosts the EEE Project International Launch Event on June 20

Interested in entrepreneurship education? Do not miss the Erasmus+ funded Embedding Entrepreneurship Education (EEE) Project Launch on June 20 in London! The event will present the project’s outputs, establish the ground for discussions on how to embed practically driven entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial culture into higher education and gather together academics and SME partners to share experiences and interact. Register to secure your place.


WEXHE Project: Work-Based Learning in Hard-Pure Disciplinary Sector – an Example from Slovenia

Obtaining practical experience while studying is obligatory in all types of vocational education programmes as well as some higher education programmes in Slovenian educational institutions. One example of a Slovenian company that successfully engages in WBL practices with educational institutions is The Krka Group.


EEE Project: EEE presented at the 10th International Week of University of Szeged

EEE consortium members Florian Bratzke (Univations GmbH) and Dr. Szabolcs Prónay (University of Szeged) have recently seized chance to introduce EEE key resources to ~20 international high-level HEI representatives during a joint workshop session. The workshop has been held as an integral part of the 10th International Week organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at University of Szeged.